Satellite 6 => Quit long running Foreman tasks

In some cases it could happen that a Foreman task in Satellite never ends without throwing any error message. In this case you can quit tasks with foreman-rake console.

The following tasks can destroy you database. So be careful.

  • Find out task ID with an appropriate state:

  • Now you can quit the task with foreman-rake console (replace the task ID with the one you found in the step above:

This solution is described here:

  • If you want to quit all jobs in state “paused” you can perform the following command:


I would recommend you to run the following command afterwards:

This would re-index your database and makes it consistent again. In case of hanging tasks in regards of publishing new Content View versions and / or promoting a new version of your Content View to a Lifecycle Environment I would recommend you to create a new version of the affected Content Views and promote these new versions of your Content Views.

The task “Actions::Candlepin::ListenOnCandlepinEvents” should remain running at any time and should not be cancelled. If for some reason it is not running it should be resumed via the Monitor -> Tasks user interface.