Hi guys, welcome to my personal blog. Here you will find a lot of technical stuff on my blog. Please notice that any information and documentation you can find here are my personal view. Nothing is related to my current job. If you use any of the things I`m posting here is on your own […]

Nextcloud 18 and ONLYOFFICE

To use Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE you need to run some tasks to get it work. Install ONLYOFFICE app Login to your Nextcloud web interface Go to “Apps” and search for ONLYOFFICE Download and activate it This does not enable ONLYOFFICE functionality at all. Therefore you need to also install and activate the Community Document Server. […]

Satellite 6 => OS release version not attached to a copied Activation Key correctly

Currently there seems to be a bug in Satellite 6 (6.1.6). I`ve created an Activation Key and attached a “Release Version” on the Details tab to the Activation Key. I also configured all other needed things like product content, subscriptions and so on. If I now copy this Activation Key the Release Version seems to […]

Puppet install Yum package groups

Unfortunately Puppet is not able to handle the installation of Yum package groups like “Base” or “compat-libraries” and so forth. This is due to the fact that Puppet is currently not able to verify if all packages in a package group are installed after a Puppet run.