Nextcloud 18 and ONLYOFFICE

To use Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE you need to run some tasks to get it work.

Install ONLYOFFICE app

  • Login to your Nextcloud web interface
  • Go to “Apps” and search for ONLYOFFICE
  • Download and activate it

This does not enable ONLYOFFICE functionality at all. Therefore you need to also install and activate the Community Document Server. Otherwise you will not be able to create ONLYOFFICE files in Nextcloud.

Install Community Document Server

  • Unfortunately this does not work in the web-ui at the time of writing this article. So some manual work is needed.
  • First goto Nextcloud app store.
  • Get the link of the latest available version of the Community Document Server.
  • Login to your Nextcloud server via SSH and run the following commands:
  • Now go back to Nextcloud web-ui and navigate to Apps
  • Search for Community Document Server and activate it.

Thats it. You should now be able to create ONLYOFFICE documents in Nextcloud.