RFE for Katello installer to provide options to configure foreman proxy settings

The Satellite “katello-installer” currently does not offer options to configure foreman proxy settings during installation. This leads to the problem that if you manually configured settings in /etc/foreman-proxy/settings.d/ these settings will be set back to default after each “katello-installer –upgrade”. I already filed an RFE to extend the katello-installer options in the future (see here).

Satellite 6 and OpenSCAP integration

Satellite 6.1 provides a possibility to integrate OpenSCAP into Satellite. OpenSCAP is a security and vulnerability scanner which creates compliance reports for your hosts. More information about OpenSCAP: klick here More information on how to integrate OpenSCAP into Satellite: klick here There is currently a bug (see BZ 1259188, should be fixed with Satellite 6.1.6) […]

Satellite 6 Errata management

Satellite 6 works with so called Content Views. New in Satellite 6.1 is the way how to apply Errata to hosts. It`s now possible to create minor versions of Content Views to apply Errata to hosts without creating a complete new version of your Content View. How this works is described in this article.